19 Aug 2008

Oh Tuesdays

The weather was just perfect today so Miss Caitlin and I had a picnic. We've found a little spot of green on campus that we've kinda claimed. I made sandwiches and brought a thermace of hot tea and Caitlin brought scones. We attempted to go for a "blue" theme in lieu of our blog. Not owning much in the way of blue clothes I wore some blue beads and a blue silk scarf. Caitlin was pretty impressive however with a blue vest/skirt/top combo and the most exquisite blue beads that belonged to her grandmother. Plus we drank from blue cups, had blue napkins, and our backdrop - the sky - was blue as ever. I say, picnics are good for the soul!
What's our theme for next week?


  1. Next week we shall have to be PIRATES I think, and commandeer some lunch from poor passing merchant ships...
    I quite like pirates and I do enjoy our picnics greatly.
    Beautiful photos as always.

  2. How gorgeous are you guys :) Love the blue theme.

  3. Next time, you should be green!

  4. Green would certainly go with the grass. Green, Emily?


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