16 Aug 2008

Last Chance

Just reminding you all that there is one day remaining on my blue label giveaway. Find it here. I am giving away a little pack of five labels (one of each design) to whoever can think of the most inventive use for them. I KNOW there are people who read this who never comment but here's your chance to get some beautiful new labels hot off the printer's press; and to show me you you do actually read this from time to time.

I shall announce the winner late Sunday night (Australian time whatever that is). And you can post more than one idea too.

Now I'm off to the city to see a play
Have a lovely Saturday evening,
doing whatever it is you do
hopefully involving
some good music
warm food
and a bit of laughing.


  1. Heya Emily, took a peek at your blog today at work, and had a few ideas for your labels:

    1. Inside a piano lid on the wood - I sold my piano last year and wished that I had left something on it to say it was mine.
    2. Music scores.
    3. Inside a hard instrument case for a violin/guitar etc.
    4. On the back of a newly framed art work.
    5. Back of a mounted butterfly.

    Thank you for all that you're so willing to share about yourself on your blog - very uplifting and encouraging. - Seth :-)

  2. Dear Emily,

    using prints to make labels like these are great ideas! I thought it will be better if that blank white text box does not cover those important details of the print, like for instance those hot air balloons. I wasn't able to thought of any amazing ideas. =) Haven't taken a look at suggestions given by others but thought that Seth gave brilliant ideas though.

    Take care!

    - Ting Ting

  3. Thank you Seth for your suggestions; see the above for the winner! And thank you Ting Ting for your comment! And I shall keep your suggestion in mind... I kind of liked having a box there so you could get really creative with a person's/thing's name but perhaps I should make my next series without the box; or better still; work in the box into the sketch?


Thank you for reading! I do so love and appreciate every one of your comments even if I don't get a chance to reply.