6 Aug 2008

In cool breeze,
we rode alongside
Paris traffic -
eyes sparkling,
spokes spinning -
we let ourselves go.
I found my voice,
and laughing,
called after you.
was something dizzy-
Our path was interrupted by
tip-trucks and shiny cars -
In those seconds,
I was independent.
After hours of your watchful gaze,
I was released into the smog.
It was foreign,
But I longed
to be back by your side -
see your hair flailing in the wind,
I knew I loved you then.
Being so mobile,
so free,
I knew that being with you
was colour
and movement,
I felt immortal -
ringing my bell,
swerving round corners.
I found my voice;
And I found you.


  1. This poem made my heart want to sing it! You are beautiful with words. You took me there to where you were when you wrote it. And now that you have made me feel inspired and emotional, I am bold enough to say how I have thanked God for you - you have woken me up from a sleep I didn't know I was in!

    Love this blog so immensely!

  2. What an appropriate poem to read after our class today! I love it. ^_^ Reading it feels like twirling around in a flowing skirt. I love the way your poems skip and dance along their merry way. I look forward to reading more. ^_^

  3. This is a sweetpea poem. And the photographs are lovely.

    There's a letter for you in the mail - finally!


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