17 Aug 2008

I am liking this giving feeling

Only five people entered the blue label giveaway and their entries are as follows:

Carolyn said she "could find a 100 uses"
Lizzy said: " on the doors of those rentable mailboxes in the post office, to make your box feel more homey
Mechelle said: "they would be precious on children's bedroom doors; this room belongs to...
Chris said "on the inside of a wardrobe door so you get a nice surprise when you open it.
And Seth said:
1. Inside a piano lid on the wood - I sold my piano last year and wished that I had left something on it to say it was mine.
2. Music scores.
3. Inside a hard instrument case for a violin/guitar etc.
4. On the back of a newly framed art work.
5. Back of a mounted butterfly.

This was no easy task. It involved a long LONG and LENGTHY process of me and the pens deliberating, fighting, spitting, hugging, drawing straws, banging out heads against the wall, renouncing our heritage, refusing to write again etc etc. But came to the conclusion that it is a TIE between Lizzy and Seth. That said I loved ALL the ideas; and was so touched that you took the time to enter one...

I like Lizzy's idea because it would solve the problem of forgetting your post-office box number;
And Seth because I love the idea of putting a label inside a piano or an instrument case, and because I'm in sheer wonder at how one would look on the back of a mounted butterfly.

Congratulations to you both!
Email me your address at eburtt@gmail.com so I can send you both your labels.

I have given them more thought and come up with a few ideas of my own:
*on carrier pigeons/babies/little people
*rather wittily on a public wall: "this wall belongs to everyone" not to advertisers pft pft.
*stuck on the toilet doors at uni; however hard it may be to compete with the MANY other watchamagig signs that are politically correct and smarmy. Believe it or not it IS nice to see something different and aesthetically pleasing on those doors.

And if you're really inspired now
as you should be,
you will find the wee labels in my etsy shop!


  1. Hooray!!! I am terribly excited to get them in the mail! I believe you already have my mailing address.

  2. DRAT!

    How did I miss this???????????
    I would have put a label on Penelope's bottom.

  3. OMG! How in the world did I miss this?! I had some friends over this weekend and didn't get to really check my blogs, but hECK!

    I love contests... we all know that. Bummer.

  4. Oh, and I would have used the labels for Christmas. I would have themed everything to match the labels (blue and white) and my five favorite people would have received their presents with your labels.

  5. I absolutely LOVED Seth's idea - hence the piano reference. Yay! I love a little creative competition! And it has got me thinking that I will leave my mark on any piano I get the chance to own in my life, so I may need some labels in order to do so...

  6. Damn, I missed this too.
    I would say that they belong stuck up in multitudes all over Sydney, in public bathrooms and service stations, at gigs and on newtown walls, then replicated large-scale upon the uni graffiti tunnel, a la that '?' symbol in the videoclip for 'Where is the Love?' until it becomes a social phenomena.
    Weak answer, and too late, but at least you wouldn't have had to mail them to me. :)

  7. 100 uses sounds so vague.. what I actually meant to do was get back to you with my best one which was this.. After reading last week that USA generates 4 million tons of rubbish each Christmas in the form of wrapping paper and shopping bags I was going to suggest that you branch out into lino printed furoshikis which as you know are Japanese fabric wraps which go on being used forever (therefore saving the environment) - see www.furoshiki.com - and then your labels could be used to seal the gift inside the furoshiki and provide a greeting for the recipient .....think about it for Christmas.. maybe in red and green as well as blue!!

    Why did you leave your wonderful ideas till AFTER I announced the winners!! I tell you now that I will have to have another creative giveaway sometime soon and give lots of advance notice so that you can partake!

    Penelope's bottom, blue christmas presents, grafitti tunnels, sustainable wrapping paper - all of which are wonderful ideas I want to see in practice. Yes we might have a little competition for whoever can use the labels in the most weird/creative place and take a photo.

    P.s. I have always loved the idea of finding sustainable ways to wrap presents Carolyn, and I think using fabric to wrap presents a really wonderful idea... or just hiding people's unwrapped presents around the house with clues!

  9. I have never been the same since I saw the movie 'Little Women' and Amy gives her mother the present (a painting) wrapped in lace and a white ribbon! Heaven!


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