5 Aug 2008

Finding Blue

I have been pondering on this for a while. I've finally decided to go through with it. I am starting a little sister blog "The Bower Bird" for all things blue. I have been collecting blue things for some time now, partly because I like to and partly because it inspires my blue biro illustrations. In my room I have a little shelf dedicated to blue that rotates regularly depending on what I find and what my mood is. I like little oddball things that someone else sees as trash or ridiculous. I guess that's the bower bird in me. It will be a sort of photo-blog with words and doodles every now and again. For the new few weeks I shall endeavour to update a new blue thing every day. But do not fear this blog shall remain as it is; a clumsy patchwork of craftings, cooking, life-rants, poems and whatever else comes to mind. I've become so fond of this little place. Funny how that happens; how you can attach to such a tiny tiny space in the world wide web (that IS worldly and so WIDE) - it is also because I have such beautiful, thoughtful readers. Thank you for stopping by here when you do. It really does make my heart sing.

And I bet you're wondering about that lovely blue dish. It was surprise present from a dear friend. I walked up to the post office this afternoon to collect a large box and brought it home blissfully unaware of what in contained. It is a truly stunning dish. I love the fine paint-work and of course that it has Arabic on it; "There is no God but God"


  1. That plate caught my eye from the first (I do love Arabic, for so many reasons, so much that my first tatoo was the word "Creator" in Arabic).

    As ever, I am thankful for my visits into your tiny space here. YOU are a breathe of air and the spark that brings a happy crinkle to the corners of my mouth.


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