30 Aug 2008

The Art of Sitting and Waiting

Has never been something I've been terribly good at. I'm a pretty restless person (as aforementioned gypsy tendencies alluded to) so I like to be up and about doing something. Today my older sister and I braved the morning crisp to have a little market stall at her university which is in the heart of the city. She's studying in the design faculty so they were encouraging students to showcase their creative wares. It was also a great opportunity to test out the market experience because up till now I have only sold things on etsy or to family and friends.And though I employed my best saleswoman skills it was fairly quiet - if it wasn't for the funky music they were playing in the nearby "Interactivation Studio" I would have got very bored indeed! That said, we did make a few sales between us and lots of people seemed to love the blue labels and yoga bags which are new additions to the brood!


  1. Not too long to wait now :)
    So you were happy with how your market day went?

  2. oh a long distance european love affair?


    your cheekbones.

    unfair. and swoon.

  3. I would so, so have loved to have been at that market! I'm with you as far as the waiting goes. I'm impatient at the very thought of having to wait, or generally be forced to sit still!

    I too (as well as mme. bookling) am swooning at your cheekbones. And am glad your best friend/love is soon to return...

  4. Miss Caitlin,
    I think overall I am happy; but I think our future market will be pretty different! Because it was a uni open day most of the customers/interested types were parents and lecturers anyhow! Plus we can keep each other company in the quiet moments.

    Miss bookling,
    Even though the man abroad is originally from these parts he has been overseas for a year and my last encounter with him was in Europe; so I think we can call it a long distance european love affair :) And thank you for the cheekbone comment; I don't know whether to hold my head up and prance around or guard my cheeks upon my life in case you come round late at night!

    And lastly Miss Mechelle,
    I would loved to have you at the market too! But I am thinking of having a market stall with the abovementioned Miss Caitlin in the summer months; so perhaps in happy serendipity you might in Sydney one of those times! It'd be so lovely to see you again regardless. But I am thinking I should come down there for a change!


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