16 Aug 2008

All Things Grow

Weekends are wonderful
I look forward to my weekends
when I don't work
my thoughts are clear and simple
the possibilities of each day
lazy afternoons
Though they never end up being so lazy
And I plan to do so many things
Its getting on
I'm running out of light
I'm half way through my list
Thinking we could axe nighttime for a few days?
I feel clear and happy in spirit.
I am so blessed.
And I did manage to go out for breakfast
I also spent some good hours lino printing
I attempted to "tidy"
the mounting paper/
train tickets/
sewing on my desk;
they ended up in new big piles
but there was a little order
and I sang Bruce Cockburn
In the early afternoon
I finally got around
to doing a warm hand wash of my delicates;
I love the smell
of the eucalyptus liquid
and admiring the little red flowers on my top
I laughed
at how I manage to get blue pen on everything
and went to the kitchen
to bake honey jumbles
for tomorrow's lunch
Then I went outside
to spend some time
with the garden
who is slowly letting off her
wintry garments
and embracing
full force
I have been watching
my bushes,
and am warmed by
their transformation
however subtle it may be
And while printing on the back patio I noticed a little purple bud on the fence. On closer inspection I found it was a tiny magnolia. I was absolutely amazed. One upon a time we had beautiful, big magnolia growing up (and slightly over) the fence... I spent my young years hoisting myself into it to clamber onto the neighbours shed roof. And we'd cut lovely branches of blooms to put in the house in spring. But about three or four years ago the neighbours decided to build a new fence and the magnolia would either have to "go" or be considerably cut back. Mum and I looked on aghast as our beautiful tree was reduced to a stump. I am told trees do not recover lightly from such shock. I was amazed when summer came and up sprouted shoots and leaves but would cry with anger that year after year hordes of snails would attack it and eat it down to nothing again.

I never expected it to flower again.
It is still winter
and one tiny bud
is telling me that I was wrong;
that there is still life in this tree -
and that all things grow

All things grow.


  1. The magnolia bud is lovely.

    I love reading about your happiness in making things.

  2. I thought that magnolia bud was lovely too... thank you for your kind words and comments Lizzy. They are so warming to read.

  3. Hey! I was going to comment on that little bud...and I STILL am. It's pretty.

  4. Hehe Mrs Plume, I'm glad you like that litte bud too. I think I shall document its life on here.


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