28 Jul 2008

Winter stillness.
Then moving about in
moments of quiet reflection;
smells rise from the oven,
soft white light on the walls.
This time of cooling,
a pause
between sundance and harvest
Flickers of colour -
And dreams
flutter in the breeze


  1. What a beautiful post!

    ...and I must tell you, I made your zucchini fritters for dinner tonight - they were wonderful!

  2. i love the bird mobile. i assume you made it yourself? wonderful.

    i also love the breakfast series - absolutely my favorite, and least-enjoyed, meal in the world (sleep often trumps eating, unfortunately).

    thanks for adding your visual voice to this world.

  3. I also made your zucchini fritters - for lunch yesterday. It was so cold and we needed something yummy to eat and they certainly did not disappoint!!

  4. At the age of nine,
    my whole life-
    every want,
    desire and
    in my little being revolved around socks.
    Specifically, over sized, mid calf,
    fluorescent, scrunchy socks.

    --> write on my blogger friend! thought you might appreciate my musings, carry on

  5. I loved those scrunchy socks too...but mine were tie dyed.

  6. nothing like the scruchy socks! or matching scrunchy hair ties! I was, luckily enough, born a little later in the fashion daze...

    Carolyn and Mechelle (and Plume for that matter) I'm so glad you tried making the zucchini fritters and found them delicious as well!

    Thank you for your kind words She and Lizzy... and well dear anonymous; it is always delgithful to hear about socks.

  7. These are simply wonderful.

    Your photos and your words were just the breathe of quiet air I needed this morning, so thank you Miss Windy.

    On another note, I TOTALLY rocked the double scrunchie socks WITH the neon bike shorts (you know, when you would stack the socks in alternating colors - sweet Jesus it was bad!).


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