15 Jul 2008

While I was away I

Discovered how tiny and blue forget-me-nots are .
Coloured in and helped make butterflies and houses for the window sill.
We designed our "magic garden";
Danced, and danced until our feet and legs ached.
Took the old bikes for a ride;
And found the sea;
the still, silky sea -
Looked at our reflections,
Felt the wet sand and found mussel shells;
Made a mermaid on the shore.
Read lots of stories.
And watched s-i-x caterpillars fatten up on a spikey weed.
Stood and listened to birds.
And at one point I fled fast on my bike and cried.
I came home earlier than I thought I would;
I came home with thoughts and feelings that weighed heavy on my heart -
but I came home with smiles too.

And I remember being by that still water,
when, very faintly,
I thought I heard singing...


  1. Your mermaid is adorable. It sounds like you had a marvelous weekend.

  2. I am glad you had a wonderful, thoughtful time. Your blog wakes up my heart when I am tired - thank you!

  3. This is one of the most beautiful posts, still and reflective but oh so full of life.

    Sometimes the heavy thoughts are my favorites as they give birth to my most beautiful revelations.

  4. ...and a little bit of selah (a pause...a time to listen...a time to be filled up).


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