6 Jul 2008

Today has been a beautiful day. Not just a beautiful, clear blue day - but has had a really good feeling. I made a very exciting discovery this morning and feel uplifted and hopeful. I got out in the front garden to do some sweeping (and always some impromptu dancing) - the afternoon had a delightful feeling; the sun was out and there was a gentle breeze... I also did some sewing and uncovered a fantastic album (Dream Theater - Train of Thought) it certainly won't be for everyone but as far as progressive metal goes it will delight and inspire. So all eyes peeled for an etsy shop tomorrow!And I decided to make a rhubarb and ginger bundt cake; partly because I had some very wilty rhubarb in the fridge, partly for my LOVE of ginger, and mostly because I like using the bundt pan. It may just be the most delicious and scrumptious cake I've ever had; the rhubarb melts in your mouth and cuts through the sweetness of the treacle and spices. I may just eat the whole thing...Ah to the skies and heavens above;
thank you for being such a good day-


  1. You are beautiful and inspiring! Wasn't it a lovely day!
    Like your red shoes. May I have some cake?
    ; )

  2. I loved everything about this post, in particular the photographs. It made me happy to read and look at.

  3. Loving those red shoes.
    I just snaggled myself a pair of red shoes...I can't stop wearing them...they just make me feel so glad.

  4. Cake for all of you lovely ladies!
    You make my day...


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