8 Jul 2008

Thrift n' Fabric

When I get started I am an avid thrifter. I think I inherited it from my mother; who not only found us all excellent second-hand clothes when we were small - but would take us along to roam the isles of fashion disasters (shoulder pads, canary yellow suits) and fashionbonanzas (shoulder pads bigger than your head, tulle skirts, genuine Scottish kilts), the old books, cds, purses, plastic necklaces, old china, baskets - So I salute you second-hand charity shops! You have served me well through all these years - providing Scottish kilts for tailoring in my punk days; last-minute costumes for dated-themed parties; most excellent time-wasting when waiting for a train/person/feeling... Oh the things you can find if only you look!

This afternoon was no exception -
I found myself some darling china(I have a thing for blue in case you had forgotten)
A good-as-new black lace slip (which I was needing anyway)
And two crocheted lace chokers
And a simple little glass vase for hand-picked posies

It seemed natural then, that my sister, my mother and I hit the fabric shop afterwards. There was all this lovely quilting cotton on sale; and I bought some fabric for a dress I've been meaning to make; as well as the usual bits and bobs.Oh the things you will find!


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  2. I especially love the china.

    You've made me want to buy fabric as well.

  3. Internet Guru says the word "blog" a lot.


    Me thinks yes.

    Love your thrifting finds Hover! A red shoes league of extraordinary women is certainly in order:)


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