19 Jul 2008

Sew this is how it goes

1. Decide you want to make your first dress. 2. Pull the "easiest" looking pattern from your growing vintage collection - then find some retro fabric. 3. Spend a good few nights cutting, pinning, assembling, seaming, darting, basting, overcasting, frustrating, pricking (one's fingers) and generally learning a good deal about sewing clothes and marvelling at every neat seam you see on well made store-clothes. I was glad to have an expert in the house (mum) and she rekindled her avid sewing days with me; remembering how to refit a narrow foot for the machine to sew the zipper; how to tack facing down and so on... and many times I looked at my instructions bewildered but after a bit of fiddling it all seemed to make sense. Can I just emphaise here that sewing a dress (For the first time) takes a LOT longer than you think it will?4. And Voila! Wear it and be happy!
I think I could sew a circus tent now; well maybe not, but still -There is something so satisfying about putting on a dress that you know you've cut and pinned and seamed and sewn - something that makes you want to dance and embrace the day !And today I picked up yet more yards of fabric. I'm starting a printing course this week and think I am in need of a bright *its OK to splatter paint all over me* apron. I know using a big old shirt would make more sense but if I'm going to start using it regularly I want it to fit and make me smile when I tie it on!


  1. How cute! I love the idea of being able to sew [and design] one's own clothing. Congratulations.

  2. You are so gorgeous in this post, you made me smile. I love the pose in the dress! I must take the time to sew my own clothes again soon...

  3. What a pretty dress. Love the Stepford Wives pose there!

    Is that a pocket I spy as well? Could be a handy place for a wee notebook and a biro.

  4. this looks lovely! well done for your first dress- congratulations! i still have my first dress... it's a poor attempt at a strapless minnie-mouse dress, bright red with polka dots. it looks amazing on the hanger, but i could never get it to fit right...
    so you're doing a magnificent job by the looks of this =]


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