17 Jul 2008

Nikon Baby

I've been nesting on this egg for a while; slowly saving; doing my research; finding the best deal; visiting the stores and having a good feel; deliberating; and finally I let it hatch. My first SLR - a Nikon D60 and my, does it feel good. The camera I mean - it actually feels really nice to hold, it has a satisfying click when the shutter comes down. Sigh. I'm only just discovering how to take photographs; and the possibilities of playing with light, shutter speed, exposure now are endless.On another happy note I wandered up to the post office today to pick up a little soft package containing a pair of new earrings from this lovely lady in Argentina. They're the flattest matryoshkas I've ever seen (and maybe that's why I liked them) but they're as light as feathers and it feels as if I'm wearing earrings of swishy air.I'm in my sisters room by the way. She's working on her art major work for high school and its looking quite brilliant. Its really huge (taking up an entire wall) and she's been playing around with fabric and dyes these past few days.
Now I have to stop being distracted by the new baby and finish off a very pressing sewing project before venturing into the busy busy city for work. Its World Youth Day[week] in Sydney and there is something refreshing and inspiring about seeing so many jovial youngins together; waving flags; smiling; strumming guitars and singing their heart outs...


  1. What a lovely profile you have!

  2. I have been hearing, and thinking about world youth day, I'd love to be there and hear them singing...


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