3 Jul 2008

How to have a picnic

1. Find a spot with a view and an excellent sun/shade ratio
2. Take a good friend that is hilarious and wonderful to be with
3. Bring a lot of scrumptious food (ie. Apple + Blueberry pie, gingerbread, chocolate cupcakes, tiny tiny sandwiches, fruit, olives, vegetables and dips, rice crackers)
4. Embrace the weather whatever it is
5. Remember to wear boots that you can sneakily use to pin down your rug when the winds pick up (and boy did they for us; many looked on sheer surprise and horror that we could maintain a picnic for so long, with such wind)
6. Keep an open mind for what you might find on your picnic; loud school children, bats, trees with spikes, and uninhabited tents
7. Hug at least one tree/bat/unassuming city folk
8. Try not to get lost in the succulent garden on your way out
9. Agree to do it again (real soon)


  1. I love picnics! Last month, My boyfriend took me on a picnic and brought homemade matcha ice cream. We saw lots of bats too. They look like huge butterflies.

  2. I wish I could have come too! Sounds like you had lots of fun!

  3. hmmm i wonder who takes all the fabulious photos on your blog? Surely you can't take them all yourself! I mean of course todays entries you could of, but really the ones with you and the grapefruit; IMPOSSIBLE! Makes me draw the conclusion that you either have a rather excellent stand or... perhaps... a patient loving sister. Indeed!

  4. I'm going for the rather spectacular and fabulously good looking stand :P who's shown me a thing or two in all these years..

  5. Looks like it was a beautiful day for a picnic and also like you had a great time.

    Love the photos, especially the with the opera house.

  6. oo, I just realised, I can see your reflection in your friend's glasses and you're using your polaroid camera :D

  7. wow, that's some sunshine!


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