20 Jul 2008

Day to day: Breakfast II

*cinnamon porridge with honey, prunes and almonds
*ruby grapefruit
*chinese white tea
*wee pitcher of milk
*fresh jasmine from my morning walk

This is a very good way to start one's Sunday -
On a crisp winter's morn
when your breath fogs the air,
and the trees gently sway
to and fro
and though it be cool,
the light is clear and bright


  1. That sounds so nice.
    Oh and congrats on your new camera!

  2. This looks like a lovely breakfast! Porridge makes me happy.
    Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and it's so good to find someone who appreciates it so much too!

  3. Oh, and i too have some fresh jasmine sitting by me. They grow in the block of flats next to mine and they've found their way into my backyard. Lucky me! :)


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