25 Jul 2008

Breakfast VII: The Favourite

Save the best to last? Maybe. But this is my staple breakfast of oats, homemade muesli, chopped almonds/seeds, grated apple, and bornhoffen yogurt (the unsweetened-extra-bacterial kind). I could, quite happily, live off this for every meal of the day. Sometimes I do. I started this weekly breakfast challenge knowing full well that I would have to have a different kind of breakfast for every day of the week; and its made me realise again how good variety is. How wonderful setting aside a bit of time every morning for preparing something delicious and thought about for breakfast. I like a fairly filling breakfast because it gives me energy to really embrace the day. And because I usually span my breakfast out over some reading, sewing, pondering, blog-perusing it can take quite a while. This morning I started with my bowl of delight and ended with a cup of lemon tea and some toast with "Unkle E's famous gourmet lemon with orange marmalade" Hands down, its the best marmalade I've had and our big jar is getting pretty low. Maybe if I'm extra lucky I might be able to top up when Unkle E makes his next batch (hopefully he will be reading this right now)Another wet and windy day here in Sydney. I love it. Very rarely do you get to go to sleep to the sound of rain and wake up the next day to it... the garden is looking green as ever - and well, so is the pool - but I still think a little rain does actually lift one's spirits.

So thank you all for taking this little breakfast journey with me! Thank you for your comments and suggestions and for those silent mysterious ones who visit my little blog too - it is a real delight to know that there are many kindred breakfast lovers out there; and may we show that Wilde by being "brilliant at breakfast" and fabulously interesting too!


  1. I really love breakfast - so I have enjoyed your week of breakfasts immensely! I always have the same thing - come rain or shine, I take the time out of a busy morning to have scrambled eggs with chopped up baby spinach cooked in - and on the side a little OJ, a cup or tea (which continually gets refilled throughout the process) and toast with raspberry jam. At the moment I am enjoying some raspberry & chilli jam for a wild change!

  2. What can I say Emily, except, ahem, that you always had impeccable taste, especially in marmalade!

    I'm informed that now is indeed the best season for citrus fruit, so who knows what may next happen in the world of gourmet marmalade!?

  3. such beautiful photos.. i love them!

    p.s. congrats! you've won my giveaway, visit my blog for more details! xo. marta

  4. I eat Wheaties every day. Your photos remind me of what I'm missing. I need to get up earlier! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's great to have readers!


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