24 Jul 2008

Breakfast SIX : Discoveries

*That there is nothing better than homemade chai on a rainy day
*And that drinking tea from a bowl is very satisfying
*Oven-baking an omlette is a great idea
*There is a very VERY cool second-hand furniture and nick-nak shop that's opened up in Ultimo
*Where I found a bunch of old books
*I love old books; I like that they are politically incorrect, that the pictures are hilarious, that they often have things slipped inside them (newspaper clippings, a leaf, and photo negatives in this case); and that they are full of ideas of patterns and pictures...
*that this is the most hilarious blurb for a book I've seen in a long time:
The Life of the bee
By Maurice Materlinck (1967)
"Here is one of the great books of all time in the literature of the bee. Based on the observations made in the author's apiaries in Oostacker, it is a fascinating volume, combining natural history with philosophy and imagination. Although scientifically sound, it is by no means technical. Passages of the highest lyrical beauty abound, while reflections, analogies and stimulating digressions are not wanting. The book is indispensable to every beekeeper and naturalist, and to all who appreciate the spell of the great Belgian scientist and seer"

-As a a kind of beekeeper and naturalist, historian/part-time philosopher and more than anything an appreciator of the spell of a great Belgian scientist and seer I am absolutely gobsmacked that such a classic existed *begins to read now*...


  1. Those books are hilarious.

    I love reading about your breakfasts.

  2. I have book envy.
    Plain and simple.

  3. Home made chai~ one of my favorites too!


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