23 Jul 2008

Breakfast f i v e - Comfort food

I had a brilliant night last night
(good food and lots and LOTS of good conversation)

And I woke up to a very overcast and chilly winter's morning
and felt like having something comforting for breakfast.
When I was little my mum used to buy peanut butter from an organic store where you could grind it yourself and it was heavy duty 100% peanuts. Since then that's all I've ever liked eating; and every once in a while as a special treat she'd put it on toast with fresh banana and a tiny drizzle of honey. She did it because she loved it. Simple pleasures. Warms the soul. Truly.


  1. Ooh this is one of my favorites!

    For a little twist, try almond butter, sliced pears and a drizzle of honey (or agave nectar)...so delicious.

  2. Oh I will! I will! *goes back to the toaster*

  3. I remember the time we brought home a little peanut butter maker from a garage sale. It was glorious... the whole 2 times it actually worked. You have reminded me though what I am missing. I am off to hunt for a new peanut butter maker.


  4. That is totally a favorite breakfast around here. It's best with home made bread... nothing beats that. =)

  5. This is one of my favorite breakfasts too! In fact, I had it this morning (without the honey).

  6. Oh I love peanut butter and banana sammies!!!

  7. Oh my, so many kindred spirits :)


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