10 Jun 2008

Winter Loves

Clear blue skies at long lastOrange Rice CakeToasted sandwiches in the sunshineAnd the wee plates underneath Have I mentioned that I love all kinds of china and that I love blue? Oh believe me I have BIG dreams for doodling on hand-made china; one day soon... And I promise for the rest of the week to post on my latest arty and crafty projects and stop this blog from being completely inundated with delicious food - its just that I've been cooking and eating so much lately I can't help it.


  1. I love the food on your blog! It makes me want it...
    Myself, I cannot stop writing about beautiful things to wear, I must focus beck onto music!!!

    : )

  2. Just what is it on those toasted sandwiches?

  3. I'm glad you like the food Mechelle :) because I like making it, sharing it, eating it, and taking photos of it! Eeek.

    And Eric - its spinach, cheese and tomato; nice and simple but delicious all the same :)


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