2 Jun 2008

Rainy Weather Means

Watching ripplesMaking a delicious lunchFinishing and posting off letters to two very special people in that little island they called EnglandFinally opening my bottle of Belgium beer with mum and grandma
(just because we felt like it)After all the only thing better than Belgium beer is chocolate... and the only thing better than Belgium chocolate is Belgium itself.

And rainy weather means doing some baking too!
I give you Welsh Speckled Bread;Now I need a big cup of tea;
to get into my fresh-out-of-the-wash sheets
and keep reading Blue Like Jazz -
(a little book that never ceases to lift my spirits)
"sometimes you have you watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself...
What song will you sing when your soul sets free? I think it will be something true and beautiful..."


  1. it sounds like you had a wonderful day. so did i. i went for my favorite long walk and saw one of the important people. i ate black licorice.

    your banana bread was the best i've ever had.

  2. Belgian beers is the best. Especially a little known beer called 'Delirium Tremmens' Fantastic stuff that's perfect for a cool night when relaxing with friends.

    Which beer do you have there Miss Emily?

  3. I'm so glad the banana bread worked out for you Lizzy!

    And Chris Belgium beers are the best! Here I have Lindeman's classic "Pecheresse" and it was so delightful...

  4. mmmmm, that's some good beer!

    Very good choice.


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