5 Jun 2008

I'll have a man with scissorhands any day!

Wow. Just wow.
I went to see Edward Scissorhands (the ballet) at the Opera House tonight and it was breathtaking! I was already a big fan of Tim Burton's production - I have so much love and adoration for Edward's character; his marvellous artistic scissors for hands and wild unkempt hair (and did I mention his wonderfully buckled leather out fit?) The idea of the evolution from mechanics to man going through a scissorhand stage just thrills me! Although I was initially a little apprehensive of how his extravagant creation would translate into the ballet world but it was really really fabulous. It was choreographed and performed by a contemporary ballet company from the UK and it was obvious from the beginning that it wasn't your typical ballet; the converse shoes for one thing!
And I was just amazed at the clever use of set, costumes and props. In the story Edward carves an angel out of snow and creates snow in the process and at the end of the ballet as the cast came out to bow - snow burst from the ceiling out onto the audience; it was truly magical.

There is just something enchanting about seeing live dance; it makes you want to leap up out of your seat and dance with them; I came away afterwards with my umbrella in hand twirling with every step...


  1. .....and with umbrella in hand you turned into Gene Kelly jumped around off lampposts throughout the streets on your way home!

  2. i wish i could have seen it.

    the scissor hands do seem sexy, somehow.


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