16 Jun 2008

Tree Hugging

I am not feeling myself today. And I don't mean to sound silly and whingy but I'm feeling restless and uneasy. My exams start this coming weekend so I really need to do some good solid study. I am finding it difficult. Usually I'd procrastinate with some crafty endeavour or sketch or write until I get a little sparked up and can just seamlessly move back into the gritty stuff but it isn't working today. Maybe its the temperamental weather. Maybe its that there is a lot of tension in the house at the moment from a number of different fronts. I'm just feeling really wound up inside. But I am thinking I just need to give it all a break - just reconnect for a while in my own space - breathe in some fresh air. Heck - even hug a tree. So sweet friends; who give me much joy - do not despair I will be back fresh and enlivened in a little, tiny while.

It was a crisp night
(on the cusp of winter)
We were walking,
and mid-sentence -
wrapped our arms
around your great trunk.
We breathed in your history
in moments of stillness -
only the tapping of faraway footsteps.
We held you;
And you became soft
and warm to the skin.
I know I left an imprint on your heart -
And for a short second
I thought I heard you murmur
It is good to be alive,
When we released our embrace,
resumed our conversation;
breathed in the night -
I felt totally alive.


  1. Somedays are a bit off, life is always a mixture of busy, difficult, exciting and wonderful. You should know that your art and your honesty makes all of us who read your daily posts very happy. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ah Emily,
    Reading a few posts of your blog was like enjoying a good cup of tea at the end of a long day. Unfortunately tea is one of the things that my pregnant self objects to but I remember the combination of a sighing type of relaxation and a "righto!" type of invigoration.
    And you're so crafty! (but not like a serpent...)
    I am not at all crafty but I aspire to learn. A friend is coming over to teach me how to use my borrowed sewing machine this weekend. Who knows maybe next week I'll open a shop as well!? I suspect not...
    Anyway, I'll be back for sure.
    Love Emma

  3. Cheer up little Hover! I think I might have been in your place a few weeks ago in terms of feeling on edge!
    Thinking of you always you little tree hugger:)


  4. Dearest Mechelle, your words mean so much. Thank you! I get so much joy out of reading your blog too; I admire all that you do.

    And Emma, I'm glad you think my blog is cup-of-tea worthy because that was the idea I was going for :p (sensical posts about eating, cooking, crafting, skies and just being that make you all warm inside) Well. Mostly its an indulgence for me to talk about the things that make me happy. And definitely take your friend up on learning to sew - I grabbed hold of my mum's old machine last year and haven't looked back... I'm stil messy at doing seams but its lots of fun to finish something (even if it looks very unlike the pattern).

    And my favourite Plume,
    I felt for you all those weeks back and wanted to write you a long letter (I still will as soon as I get your new Idaho address)... And its amazing what a little time with the trees can do for the soul.


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