12 Jun 2008

All good things come in a womanly shape

I have always loved Nesting Dolls (which I call Babushkas) and I have always loved pears so it seemed a natural combination for me to experiment with. Why is it that all the best things come in a womanly shape? (cellos, babushkas, pears etc). It all started a couple of days ago with a few doodles and then I felt inspired to try my luck on lino; I've only been doing lino for just over two months now and its still very much a matter of luck and surprising outcomes for me! Plus I just couldn't put off using my thick red paint any longer.In my shop you will find;Pear Lady Print $10

Pear Family print $15

Pear Family tote $20The Nesting Pears tote $20
And my favourite haphazard surprise that my brother vehemently dislikes:Pear in the trees tote $20Now if you don't mind me the sun has come out for a shy while;
So I'm going to catch him while I can!


  1. Cute! All of it! The title for this post is awesome as well. =)

  2. cellos are a lovely shape, and so are your pear women.

  3. I am an hourglass - these look very beautiful & womanly too...

  4. not related to this post, but: have you received the zine yet? i mailed it about a week and a half ago.

  5. Hover: As your (half)
    Ukrainian-Canadian friend...ADORE this post entirely!

  6. Thank you Allison for your sweet comment!

    And I couldn't agree more Lizzy - Or Mechelle; curvy things speak of woman and wonder!

    And dearest Plume; I knew you would appreciate this post :) and I have a surprise for you when you get your new addresss.


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