21 May 2008

This my last house-related post for a while- for the next six days I shall be releasing a mounted print every day into my etsy shop! I am so excited and happy to be able to offer my sketches as prints. Just to think they might brighten somebody's wall somewhere;
and make them smile
is a wonderful thought.

But in the meantime I have been finding houses in favourite books of mine;

*Louise's Houseboat "Clementine" in Louise Builds a Boat
*The Ingalls' prairie wagon in all the Little House Books
*A secret hideout in Tanglewoods Secret

Or Syliva's Fair's embroided beauties in The Bedspread;with a haphazard, patchwork garden;Or Mouse's ingenious designs for her friends in House By Mouse
Like Squirrel's tree houseAnd Caterpillar's pear
(who wouldn't like to live in a pear I ask you?)How about Owl's tower?And I couldn't go past the idea of living in the church attic with mice and a lovable ginger cat
how mysterious and exciting it would be to live in Moominpappa's lighthouse (or my impression of it anyway) In fact any of the moomin dwellings would be a glorious adventure;Children's books.
So many beautiful ideas.
Don't they just make you smile?


  1. Is the top picture of a house by you?

    I think your version of the Moomin house is a lot better than the actual Moomin house(s). The Moomins used to be pretty scary.....

  2. Wow! Look at all those cool illustrations! The pear reminds me of James and the Giant Peach. =)

  3. yes they do. illustrations are the best.

  4. No, Chris - the top image is another glorious illustration from Sylvia Fair's book "The Bedspread"; I love her wispy thread-like style... Oh the moomins are wonderful - you're only scared of them because they had an appreciation society at your school or something (so ben told me years ago)!

    Dear Allison - the pear reminds me of James and giant peach too; just the thought of living in a giant sized vegetable/fruit is a tickling thought!

    And sweet Lizzy,
    Illustrations are the best; I guess thats why I want to create my own...

  5. Really great illustrations there by Sylvia Fair.

    On the Moomin thing. I went to a different first school to Ben so I didn't know about the Moomin fan club :P Sounds a bit odd though having a fan club for scary things like that.

    They seemed to be like a bad acid trip....


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