14 May 2008

Sunshine, feet and a couple of curly birds

Today is Wednesday - and Wednesdays are always jam packed with goings on (namely 8hrs straight of uni) So I do relish the few moments I get to myself -

This morning I enjoyed some beautiful warm sunshine;
Watched light filter through eucalyptus leaves

Which in turn makes my toes smile

I am also happy to add another gingham tote to the shop;
"Four Curly Birds"
And supped on homemade Zaatar
and lamb with fresh tabbouleh and hummus
for tea tonight


  1. Yum! How good does you dinner look! I absolutely LOVE my tree tote - I take it out with me everyday!

  2. Your food looks amazing.
    Thanks for the tips on the risotto - I can't wait to try it!

  3. i'm beginning to think i need to buy one of those totes.

  4. I'm so glad you like your tote Mechelle :) I can't think of anyone who'd wear it better - and yes, Lizzy, I am begining to think you need a tote too.

    Thanks for the kind comment Robin :) And I hope you have fun making risotto!


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