10 May 2008

Saturday Thrills

Don't Laugh.
Ok. I know I am a little late in getting into this fad; say 50 years too late but that doesn't stop me. In Feburary Polaroid annouced it would cease production of all instant film; and since then I have been burning to be part of its history! My Grandma had one when she was a young lass and we both agree that it would be a good thing to have while there's film left in the world - so I can show my children and say "this is polaroid and it was great fun"... I just love the instant development; no room of error; brutal honesty; hazy glow; white boarder - you could say I am inlove with it. I bought this little baby off ebay a couple of weeks ago and since then have been stockpiling film wherever possible! My sister and I have such dreams for my instant film...Other thrills this weekend;
**Visiting the framer this morning with my prints (yes prints of my sketches) to discuss mounting; I am so so excited about the prospect of finally being able to sell my art as prints!

**Getting my hands, arms, clothes and nose blue with lino printing on the patio;
**Sewing mother's day bags;
one for a friend from Arabic class!
one for my special mum!
And one for the shop:
Sweet and Simple Tote - $20

**Also, adding a little paper + envelope set of the curly windhover to my shop;Six little notes + envelopes for $5

I hope you're having a stupendous Saturday,
and finding thrills in your life
(even if the tunnel of university essays seems endless)

Back to my baby I go!


  1. To laugh at Polaroid is to sin.

    What a Saturday you have planned! I have parents coming to visit today. They are flying all the way from Canada and I am sure their arms will be sore so it's cold drinks on their arrival and a float about the pool!

    Loving my tote. Keep your eyes on your mailbox:)


  2. I'm so glad you like it :) - I hope you had a wonderful time with your parents - And I shall watch my post like a hawk!


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