15 May 2008

Oh the things you will see on your walk


  1. I love the alleyway! It reminds me of the home I lived in about 13 years ago. ~Sigh.

  2. You said it all in pictures! I LOVE my daily walks up the hill and around the place here in Canberra - so good for the soul...
    Shell xx

  3. Fall leaves... makes me miss my second home.

  4. Ah, Allison; I have a real love of alleyways; especially if them involve steps and overhanging trees

    You're right Mechelle; Walks are so good for the soul! I think we all need a few moments in the day to just breathe in some clean air...

    And dear Melissa; living in Australia (Where all the native trees are evergreens) it feels nice to have a local park lined with plain trees who loose all their leaves; which in turn makes for good beds. I think I shall miss them lots when I leave...

  5. Hovery: What a busily clickity camera you wield while out walking:) Thanks for a flash of green on this dreary, hot, and desert drab day!



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