13 May 2008

Lupins, Lupine, Genus Lupinas

Did you know my favourite flowers are lupins?

Along with daisies, lilacs, daphne, cornflowers, magnolias, freesias, jasmine, hydrangeas, wattle, and all blossoms; (basically any flower that's hard to find in a flower shop but easy to spot on a morning walk) But I love lupins best because they are wild in spirit; they scatter over landscapes in blushing pinks, purples, whites and yellow. Some say they're pests of a plant; but I am so drawn to them; apparently they can be used as a milk substitute too (which just affirms their goodness to the Earth). I guess that's why I want to live on the south island of New Zealand or Nova Scotia in Canada; to flow with the lupins... one day my dears; one day soon.

**Dearest mother just informed me that she thinks my love of lupins stems from a book she read me as a young lass called "Miss Rumphius" by Barbara Cooney; in wich a woman resolves to make the world a more beautiful place by scattering lupin seeds wherever she can - I have decided I must have this book; so onto my Amazon picture book wishlist it goes**

The house smells good right now;
I have a spicy pumpkin soup simmering;
and a little pot of sliced apples and rhubarb bubbling with a stick of cinnamon and a vanilla bean;

How I dream for a sprawling;
haphazard garden of my own -
where lupins and rhubarb grows side by side
every morning we'll embrace the sun and sky;
and remember how lucky we are to till the earth.


  1. Dearest Sprawling Haphazard Garden,

    You are a lupin. Tall, willowy, with a violet flame for a top. Oh yes you are a lupin indeed.

    You can add living in Alaska to your lupin living rooms since while I lived there with my beloved, the lupins ran rampant, intermingling with the wild magenta of fireweed (which you would ADORE making salads with).

    Wish you were here this morning nibbling scones, chomping watermelon, gobbling strawberries, and sipping - in the most ladylike fashion - tea with milk and agave nectar...

    avec moi.
    I'd sing you a song on my piano.
    We'd walk outside and let the strong breeze press our skirts against our skinny legs.

  2. *beams the biggest beam*
    You've sucessfully tempted me beyond reasonable doubt I may just arrive on your doorstep sometime soon with a tattered suitcase and a bunch of lupins... I'd drink tea with a smile; bake you the best sticky date pudding you've ever had - and I would play the spoons along to your tune :P


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