2 May 2008

Its May, its May

Isn't it glorious to be in the month of May?
And its lovely and sunny and bright and delicious,
So to celebrate you'll find some new little treats in my shop;

Wee Little Tree Tote $20Starry Night Print $10Starry Starry Night Tote $20And a sweet heart card pack $15There is more to come this weekend,
but in the meantime lets dance the maypole dear friends;


  1. Yowzah!
    What a cornucopia!!!!!!!

  2. The artist is obviously gifted by divine providence to capture the subtlest nuances and feeling with her pen. A manifestation of Godly care and His omniscient direction - directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with benevolence - He takes special care to direct Emily’s hands in every good thingy.

  3. The little tree tote is SO gorgeous! :)


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