29 May 2008

Back in the swing

Finally getting back into the swing of things - the last couple of weeks have been hectic; trying to work full time to cover two workmates who went away; putting in all my essays and preparing tutorial presentations; and social commitments too. But I feel like I can breathe easy now - and just slowly plot out my weeks of study, work, relaxing, creating and going on excursions. Today was the first morning in a week I've had time to go for a short morning walk. I relish my morning walks (as I seem to always say) but I really do; feeling the cool crisp breeze; the gentle sun warming as it rises; and there's a little spot I go to. A kind of look-out at this rock face that looks down upon Bardwell valley; and you can see the big city-scrapers in the horizon, and wide sprawling parks, pockets of bush; winding train tracks. I like to wake up there; reflect with my eyes closed for a moment or two - then come alive.This was also the first morning in a good while that I've been able to sit down with a pot of tea, a slice of my hardcore banana bread (With bran, honey, oats, olive oil and walnuts) and soak up a little sunshine. It was also a surreal experience filling out the postal address for TWO packages! To know somebody somewhere likes my creations brings a big smile to my face!
And those camellias. They make my feet sing.


  1. somebody here likes your creations... do i bring a smile to your face?

  2. i really hope i do

  3. oh you do. but its a special kind of smile that only you can bring about...

  4. could you possibly post the recipe for your hardcore banana bread? it sounds delicious.

  5. Hoverlicious,

    I'm going to need the recipe for the hardcore banana bread as well.

    I hope you're well! I posted a small package for you just this afternoon!



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