19 May 2008

Houses (still) On My Mind

Oh Yes. I love my rough little sketches;
they are my starting point;
my brainstorm of form and vision;
they seem messy and lifeless to you -
but they speak of all the possibilies to me;

Whether they turn into little lino cuts
For a wee paper + envelope set ($5)For a mixed paper + enevelope set ($5) For a mixed card set ($8) For a rather nice fabric strip(which will appear on a bag some time soon)

For a bag made entirely of cotton ($20) Or even into a sketch itself;
Big dreams.
(always blue)
All in my rough little sketches.


  1. I like the house theme you're on lately. It's so much more original than say, owls. Houses are good, and cute, and bring thoughts of home made apple pie and warm blankets!

  2. Those little blue houses with shingles like fish scales are HARDLY lifeless. The beginnings of things are always beauteous no matter how sketchy the lines might be:)

    You are so lovely.
    Come for tea.


  3. PS I downloaded Rodrigo y Gabriela last night, since you raved about them to no end a while back....


    ...listening to them now and have picked myself up off the ground 3 times now from a dead faint just to type this little comment:)

  4. Recently I traveled to the Blue Mountains,
    And climbed a fallen tree that hung over a cliff.
    I sat with my legs hanging over the edge,
    Watching the forests below, peaceful, gentle and patient.
    I felt that they deeply love each other;
    They are a close family.
    I looked up in the sky and saw rain on the distant horizon.
    That was a beautiful day,
    I could breathe the cool air.
    I can imagine how you would have enjoyed it.

    I remember when I was a little boy,
    Alone in the playground,
    A girl came up to me,
    She asked if I wanted to play.
    I began to cry out of relief and happiness.
    Through tears I said, 'Yes, I was hoping someone would say that.'
    Now, as a man, the reverse is true,
    Too many women want to be a part of my life.
    But you are that merciful friend,
    Like refuge in the mountains.
    Your eyes and smile are remarkable;
    They are truly beautiful.
    They lighten my heart.

  5. Allison - I think houses make a wonderful theme. They are the physical foundation of community but can hold so much life and memory;

    Plume - I hope to sketch on giant life-sized fish scale shingles one day; say on a rather outrageous tree house? A "Tree House for Tea" house even?

    And dear anonymous wordsmith; who isn't so anonymous anymore -
    you express yourself so beautifully... so much so that I pine for a little trip up the blue mountains sometime soon; just to sway with the gentle trees...


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