24 May 2008


We dreamers;
We are dancers, singers, students,
mothers, children, magicians,
dragons, faeries, travellers, pappas,
gypsies, clerics, teachers,
tanners, weavers, farmers,
And we will laugh, cry, shout, love, and skip -
Gaze, frolic, stand still, burst and sing.
We dreamers;
We are artists.
Mounted print is A4 size
(210 × 297 mm)
Find in my etsy shop here.

*Modelled by the too-cute-for-her-own-good sister of mine*


  1. Your blue dreams are beautiful, I like very much the blue houses in your blog.

  2. Any Shaun Tan influence there?

    I bought 'The Journey' the other day, on you recommendation. :)

  3. Well I drew this before I ever found Shaun Tan; but I think we both like to play with reality and the imagination. The Journey is such a powerful, beautiful story...


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