25 May 2008

Tea Time

Would you like to come to tea;
And drink your brew from a tree?
Then we'll eat cake;
walk by the sea -
And find a box with a secret key.
It may be furry,
and even gritty -
But there's nothing so nice -
nothing so me -
as drinking tea from a tree.

Mounted print is A4 size
(210 × 297 mm)
And is availible in my etsy shop!


  1. Tea from a tree
    Is definately
    Something that tempts me :D

    Another great picture, Emily.
    It actually reminds me a bit of The Willow Pattern.

  2. *beams* I'm glad somebody is up for tea in a tree! Thank you for being being such a sweet Chris and commenting on my prints. I love that this tree grew out of its cup; without any real idea of why it would go - to the sky of course...

  3. This is my new favorite! Just lovely.


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