17 May 2008

Been Sewing?

(the aftermath - you should see my floor)

I felt like having a themed weekend;
And decided it should be all about houses -
houses B I G and houses s m a l l
(shop update tomorrow)

And a few little houses I wouldn't mind making my home:
On the isle of Iona

Or Port Appin, Oban

Just anywhere in Scotland

Surrounded by fiords in Norway

Or by the sea and lavender in Akaroa

Basically anything that's white-washed
or wooden;
with space for a garden to grow;
little feet to roam;
clear sky;
a cat at the window
otters in the stream -
owls in the trees...
(and a pile of logs against the lean-to)
a room for watching sunshine;
that or a wigwam
(with marshland preferably)Let a girl dream...


  1. ACK!!!!!

    How I would love to have a sewing day with you:

    fabric flying
    bobbins bobbing
    needles threading
    scissors snipping

    what a delight it would be!

  2. White-washed house - check!
    Trees, stream, owls, otters - check!
    Anywhere in Scotland - check (except in Glasgow or Aberdeen perhaps).
    Sunshine & marshland - check!

    * unkleE's patented computer whirrs and shakes, and spits out the following options .... *


    As MC Hammer once said - "Can't touch this."

    Happy memories!

  3. Thank-you Mechelle and Rachel for the sweet comments :)

    Plume; I think I shall just visit you in the desert with a sewing machine under one arm; and an african thumb piano (spoons too of course); my favourite mixing bowl and angel cookie cutter, a poisie of violets and a big smile.

    And Eric; what a coincidence that all of those places are in Scotland; sigh; a place of so much beauty. And you were able to visit Skye too! I have always wanted to go to the Orkneys; if only to feel a bit druidish.


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