19 Apr 2008

You'll never guess what came in the post for me yesterday.
Quite possibly the most delightful (and tiny) package I've ever received. It was from none other than Jillian (aka Mrs Noisy Plume)
Having seen her gorgeous desert secrets ring and necklace I made a special request for some earings; which remind me of nasturtiums beaded with raindrops.
They are sterling silver and moonstone.
Plume is something special.
I find myself reading her blog every day in wonder of her creations and her reflections on life... She's a gifted silversmith; but she's also a poet and a rare beauty that breathes life into her creations giving them identities and imaginging how they would be worn.

I know that mine will be worn at work all day today - and perhaps tomorrow too - and most probably all next week as well... They are the most preicious pair of earings I have; and when I wear them I feel like I've got magic nasturtium/secrets growing from my ears - and that is a brilliant feeling.Thank you most lovely Plume!
You shall be expecting something of your own in the post soon...
Find her at: http://thenoisyplume.blogspot.com
(but be wary - you may just fall in love)


  1. Wow, those earings look gorgeous.

  2. Dearest Hover Friend!
    Thank you so much for this little post. You have made my heart very glad indeed!
    I watch the post impatiently........



  3. Post Script:

    Forgot to mention that they look positively perfect on you. Perfect in every way. You light them up!


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