9 Apr 2008

Wednesday happiness is

In all the rain! Glorious rain! This afternoon my train broke down one stop before mine so I was forced to walk home and it was a lovely feeling to walk home as its getting dark, seeing the dark brooding rain clouds move overhead and feeling the soft patter of rain on my face - and I didn't mind my shoes getting a bit squishy or my hair curling up like mad (which is does within moments of feeling moisture)... it was rain. And I love it. And I love how it makes our kitty retreat for the lounge out on the patio and curl up (the hair maybe?) I caught her at it this morning...
No, I'm not a big cat or dog person (I prefer otters + seeing creatures in the wild) but I do love her;This is my favorite photo - I call it "ball of kitty"


  1. Lovely blog - I am loving your bookmarks!

  2. I'm glad you like the bookmarks... And I think your blog is pretty sweet too!


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