8 Apr 2008

Tuesday Happiness Is

in the smell of freshly picked roses
And the sight of my own little ones;grown on the patio last night with the rain hurling down beside me;You will find two little card packs in my shop;
one of the plain rose cards (2 single rose and 2 multiple rose designs)
and one of coloured rose cards (4 designs with subtle variations in colour)In my shop you will also find a little blue bird tote;Have a peaceful Tuesday,
take time to notice the ground between your feet
and the sky above
(in my case - its grey and brooding with rain)

Btw this is my 100th post - and that deserves some sort of celebratory cup of tea doesn't it?!


  1. 1. What sort of tea are you celebrating with??

    2. My sky is bright blue and without a single wisp of coud:) I'll be dancing my rain dance this evening...

    3. They are ready! Your desert secrets:) I'm posting them now!

  2. 1. It shall be Russian caravan tea - for I'm feeling dark and mysterious.

    2. I shall be expecting full photographic evidence of this rain dance

    3. they are gorgeous; beaded secrets. I love them... and I can't wait to find a little package in the mail from you.


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