25 Apr 2008

Look what came out for a moment this afternoon

Ah yes, that yellow-faced friend whose been taking leave from these parts
You don't realise how prickly and wonderful sunshine feels until it goes away for a while


  1. wow, you're having such a nice day outside!!

  2. Oh Kumi I was! After weeks of overcast weather and rain (which is really uncanny for sydney) some sunshine was such a lovely change!

  3. In the night,
    When I had grown tired,
    Of counting all the bodies,
    Who were vying for what they thought was me,
    I remembered last Sunday afternoon,
    When you came into my garden,
    As I was hanging out washing in the backyard,
    You came in the form of a swallow,
    Swinging your tail and looking around.
    I recognized you by your charm and innocence,
    And the necessity to love me in your own curious and playful way.
    When I am exhausted from the pollution that has accumulated around my eyes,
    When my limbs and mind are dizzy from waving and spinning in all directions all day,
    I think of the purity you have in your presence,
    That white chested swallow, that is you,
    You love me so much.

  4. To the anonymous wordsmith,
    you have filled my afternoon with beautiful warmth...

  5. There is a wealth of love and poetry in the universe. It would be a mistake for anyone to think otherwise; God is love and God is an Artist, I am just capturing his conation. I have no knack. There is simply no shortage of love or poetry.

    The Gypsy and the Sunset

    Have you been sitting alone,
    Atop a green slope,
    Watching the sunset?
    What did you see in the orange,
    And golden sky?

    Late in the afternoon,
    When I would be chopping vegetables in the kitchen,
    You’d return home from your wanderings
    Amongst dream-landscapes,
    Amongst wild blueberries growing freely in the forest,
    (handfuls of blueberries that you eat all at once like a blueberry explosion)

    What was I thinking just now?
    I was trying to imagine,
    Who else would fit your shoes.
    Who else would be calm and smile,
    If all we owned burnt to the ground.
    Who else would turn to me in the aftermath of the flames,
    And ask, ‘Do you love me?’
    My head would incline and fall,
    ‘Then I have everything.’


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