25 Apr 2008

A little bag for a little sister

I mentioned a couple of days ago how I wanted to sew a little bag for my youngest sister, Joanna. Her birthday was way back in March but they live up the coast and I hardly get time to see them so with a chance to go up this afternoon I whipped up a little tote.
(Modelled by the lovely Frida) it has three felt hot air ballons on the front which I embroided with her name - and has three different cotton designs; natural-coloured calico, red with poka dots and this fabulous blue alphabet print from the repro-depot.
I'm still trying to accept that she's now six and at school! It seems like yesterday that she was a little baby who loved funny sounds and blowing raspberries. I can only imagine that time will fly this fast (if not faster) when I have my own babes one day! This photo of us was taken three years ago at my older sister's 21st - And if you saw her now you'd hardly recognise her...
So my sweet little sister,
who brings me much joy,
receivng your drawings in the mail is such a delight,
and "sleeping over" in your room a real treat,
May you grow with love and happiness for the rest of your life.

**A quick note on Frida**
Aside from being the coolest, nicest, prettiest doll I've ever had; she's unique in having a soft body, hand-painted features and real hair on her head that resembles more of a camel-fur helmet than hair these days. She has an almost slavic/asiain look - but I'm just enamoured with her... I thrifted her about 2 and half years ago for $1 at our local second hand shop - it was love at first sight. And when I first got her she was wearing these bright green overalls and had a spot of paint on her cheek (which sponged off easily) so I named her Frida - after one of my favourite artists. I like to think my Frida is a bit of an artist too.


  1. WOW! Frida is wonderful! You are one lucky girl for finding her for $1.

  2. What a great gift you created!!
    And I love the doll, too!

  3. Ah Nikki, you can never plan the wonderful things you find when thrifting!


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