18 Apr 2008

Leaves Like the Things of Man

On our Leunig calender this month he provides us with an "autumn special: some old leaves reveal their secrets for a long life"; then he has drawn six very different leaves and put a quote under each. My favoruites are:
(under a very holey and battered leaf) "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
(under one whose edges are all curled) "I loved the wind. I had a wonderful relationship with the wind"
And (under a small little red leaf) "on a warm summer night, rustle gently, rustle passionately and rustle often";

So I decided to put a little surprise on my Mother's window sill - if only just to remind her to rustle gently, rustle passionately and rustle often.And on the crafty front I decided it was finally time to get some use out of this flower/butterfly print cotton and make myself a yoga bag . On Christmas Eve I made one for my mum (see here) and it worked a treat - so now we can go off to do our stretching; which might just be walking up to the nearest park but at least we'll have our super cool yoga bags!


  1. Those "leaves, like the things of man, and you with your fresh thoughts care for, can you?" look beautiful upon my window sill still.
    Like you.rg

  2. What a lovely surprise for your mum to find such beauty on her window sill!

  3. Hopkins is saying that age will alter this child's innocent tears, because later forest will stand naked - this is metaphor for death. But I do not agree with the artist RG. Some people will not weep over their own mortality. A truly spiritual person understands 'I am not this body. I am the soul. I am immortal.' So some people can respond to the world with the freedom of a child's mind forever.


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