11 Apr 2008

Friday Happiness

Is looking at my favoruite artist; Marc Chagall -

Also, remembering our short stint in Paris - how we hired bicycles for a day and rode alongside crazy traffic (and on my part almost getting hit); how we visited my favourite church St. Paul; which is just over Ille Saint-Louis - and then afterwards how we bought delicious pastries and sat in a little green park to eat them...

and Friday happiness, like every day, is in dreaming...

Have a bright and serendipitous weekend!

Do you know we used to have a grey rabbit named Serendipity; She was a real delight; then we got another one - it was all fluffy and white so we called her "loaf of bread" (which is what she most resembled from the window)


  1. HOVER!

    Marc C. is my favorite of all time:)
    I knew I liked you especially a lot for many reasons but this just takes the ticket.
    ...it's the cherry on top!

  2. Marc Chagall is also my favorite painter. There was a large French exhibition from 1880-1950s at the NGV a few years ago. It probably came to Sydney too. Did you see it?
    His work is like a visual poem, it is both a dream and a vivid moment of love - lucid and awake.


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