3 Apr 2008

Feeling Inspired

In no particular order;
*by ceramics I brought back from Morocco
*the tiny wood blocks for fabric printing Nellie found in India
*the hand-painted ceramic doorknobs I found in a furniture shop the other day
*the shadows my tulips are making on the walls at night-time
*my every-changing board of ideas, post-cards, newspaper clippings, business cards and even a pair of old gloves...
*reading "The Arrival" by Shaun Tan and being in total awe of his exquisite illustrations
*by the stack of linoleum squares and thick cobalt blue paint on my desk that beckons me;
*Oh and did I mention how much I love this birthday skirt I was given? (and everything else that comes out of Yoshi Jones)

And feeling really inspired about my etsy shop - which has been looking so dry! The fact that it hasn't yet sold anything might indicate as much. But this April I'm injecting it with life - starting this weekend - You'll just have to wait and see what magic I've got planned...


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