27 Mar 2008

Wow. Its not even April yet and I've already been to five incredible live concerts this year;
Sufjan Stevens, Megadeth, Symphony X, Sinead O'Connor and it was made five last night by the delicious and extremely talented Rodrigo + Gabriela. Both originally metal guitarists from Mexico they grew to fame in Ireland by fusing metal, classical, latin and percussion acoustic styles into their music. I cannot really convey how talented they are if you've not heard them; the fast picking and Gabriella's hand percussion on the flat surface of the guitar ... I listen to their albums endlessly; especially when I'm cooking or cleaning or doing work in general. Lets face it, wouldn't you rather do chores and prepare meals with a beat for your feet to tap and your hips to move to? They opened by playing Tool very loudly (yes, the metal element) and then appeared - guitars in hand - Rodrigo looking strong and confident - Gabriela looking beautiful with her wavy hair pulled back and bright lipstick - and they just played... played the roof off. We were lucky enough to be in the standing area (metres from the stage) and could just dance and clap along. At different points Rodrigo would break the audience up into different clapping patterns and it sounded amazing. Can you imagine hundreds of people around you all clapping - but making so much music out of it? I also loved the way that they looked at each other as they played - and seemed to just enjoy performing - soaking up all the clapping, as though they could hear my feet tapping - and for those moments just realise the beautiful power of making music...

Ah, enough said - go forth and explore them for yourselves!

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  1. Wow. That sounds like an amazing experience. I love it when the musicians get the audience involved in what they're doing, it rounds off the experience. I'll have to look and see if I can find some of their music over here. I've been wanting to listen to some new music for a while. Thanks for the introduction!


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