30 Mar 2008

One By One

This is a project that started years and years ago when I bought three balls of beautiful light green, turquoise and fuschia pink wool. I wasn't sure what I would do with it and decided to crochet granny squares out of it - in my own design I've named "afghan pinwheel"; I ended up with 12 squares which is not nearly enough for a "throw" that I could get some use out of! Since then I've been collecting wool; collecting shades that would compliment my "original three"; I've bought wool in three different countries and have over 12 shades of green, blue, pink, and purple.
Whenever I'm making something for somebody else I'm so efficient; so speedy - but when I work on something for myself it takes FOREVER; I've now decided to move onto a bigger, better crocheted blanket for someone special so I've got to get my own throw finished. And I've only got a handful of squares left to crochet - the end is nigh...

(And Winter is coming too)


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