18 Mar 2008

No Man's Woman

Prolific Irish singer/songwriter Sinead O'Connor has come out to tour Australia for the first time - And Maddy and I were lucky enough to go and see her perform tonight. She is so unbelievably cute; barefoot, softly spoken and a little bit cynical (think Bernard from Black Books) - looking at her toes a lot and launching straight into "The Emperor's New Clothes" and "I am stretched on your grave" (both from I Do not Want what I haven't got). Without trying to sound all huffy there were some drunks in the crowd that really really wrecked the mood sometimes; just yelling out things like "we love you - you're so sexy - you're a sexy ho" - to which she shrugged and pulled at the big shirt she had covering her belly! She played a lot of old stuff from "I Do Not want.." and off "The Lion and the Cobra" which was refreshing - and when she did "Three Babies" acoustically I think a few wept. At one point she, her violinist and bassist (all women) performed in harmonies together - arms around each other.

She also performed "the thief of my heart" (From the film "In the name of the father") which was a really pleasant surprise. Her voice is just unbelievably good; so rich in colour and tone that she manages to move you- and even though the sound was playing up she really triumphed and shone brightly. One of the songs she did from new latest album "If you had a vineyard" stirred something in me; ah well, she always has. I got into Sinead because my mother liked her and would play it when we were little; I used to always cry about her lost babies and love the way she could sing and sound angry and breathy, and sad, and calm, and joyful.

And I always admire the fact that she just is who she is and says what she feels...
(Something about being Irish I think)

I am so glad I saw her I got to see her.
Here's the set list (that I can remember) all mixed up;

-The Emperor's New Clothes
-Stretched on your grave
-The Lamb's book of life
-The Thief of my heart
-Three Babies
-Nothing compares to U
-Black Boys on Mopeds
-This is the last day of our acquaintance
-Something beautiful
-If you had a vineyard
-Dark I am yet lovely
-Never get old
-thank you for hearing me
-John, I love you
-Fire on Babylon

(there were a couple others I can't think of)


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