30 Mar 2008


Last night I put on a little dinner party for my friends to celebrate my birthday (on April 1st) - which was just a good excuse to do some cooking and eating and also take advantage of Earth Hour from 8-9pm to light the house and tables up up with candles... And anyway I've always thought food is much better enjoyed by candlelight.

So - I planned a great Mediterranean feast;Which included homemade beetroot, carrot, avocado, hummus and babaghanoush dips, a lamb and artichoke stew, cous-cous, a pear and walnut salad, falafels; honey baked quinces for desert (my favourite favourite fruit) - and of course a semolina and yogurt syrup cake;
I was disappointed that a few friends couldn't make it - and failed to call after saying they'd be there! But my parents and older sister ended up joining us and we just lazed about in candlelight talking and eating - which is my kind of birthday affair; lots of good food, music and conversation... though there is a VAST quantity of dip left!


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