15 Mar 2008

I woke up this morning and felt wonderful;
And it wasn't because the leaves outside looked golden in the morning light...
Or that it was the first Saturday (at home) in a long time that I didn't have to work and could go out for breakfast...
It was because of these:
That's right. Pajama pants. But not any old pair of pants - these are the most comfortable pajama pants in the world; and I just happened to make them too.

I bought this gorgeous woven cotton on Christmas eve in my mad last minute sewing expedition and knew that they would make a very special pair of pants. It is the smoothest, softest, most delicious cotton you've ever felt (a mix between old comfort clothes and a soft bed)

And as soon as I brought it home I was wrapping myself up in it imaging a whole wardrobe of patterns - however I only bought 1 metre. All the simple pants patterns I had asked for 2 or 3 metres of fabric so I decided to just take an old pair of pajamas and copy them; I traced them onto the fabric (which was folded in half) and having cut 4 pieces - sewed each side and then sewed them up the middle in one big U shape; then seamed the ankles and made way for elastic at the waist. This was my first clothes project using a machine and I've realised that sometimes the easiest sewing endevours don't need patterns!

Other things making me happy today are:

*my teal green daisy skirt
*re-discovering the joy of borrowing books from our local library
*and bringing home a nice big stack of picture books
(and no you do not need to be tiny or be around tiny people to read them - regularly!)


  1. Excellent! (what a nifty mum you have who would teach you how to make comfy pj pants and buy you a particularly lovely daisy skirt...she must be very helpful to have around.)


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