17 Mar 2008

St. Patrick's Day

I have a dad - and he's a pretty remarkable one.
Its his birthday today.

I have memories of him showing us how to blow for ant lions in the dirt;
Climb the trees and swim in swamps;
eat Vegemite toast with tomato and have cereal with coconut and pineapple juice;
how to snorkel and find beautiful lagoons on a windswept island;
how to scare everyone else on show and tell day (in kindergarten) with a dead frozen snake he brought back from a work trip to a mine;
learning how to ride a bike;
having his wonderfully delicious Chinese chicken noodle soup;
and how to get excited about Venus fly traps and composting;
keeping silkworms, dozens of rabbits, guinea pigs; feeding chickens;
and feeding the little family of possums that lived in the roof;
having an endless supply of crayons and white paper for drawing at his house;
and driving the little red manual car down the farm track;
exploring parks and sculptures, pipes, train tracks and tunnels;

learning to love the bush; love creation; love science.

Oh Dad,
Happy Birthday!


  1. That has got to be one of the nicest and most sincere things I've heard written about a father ever. It sounds like he was much the big kid himself! =)

  2. Hey, what a dad, eh! Seems you have been blessed in various directions!
    And now, you, by being you, are such a blessing too. And always was...


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