21 Mar 2008

What a wonderfully cool and wet Easter this is turning out to be; After a week of unusually hot and muggy autumn weather this is a rather nice change! And it didn't stop us having our lunch out on the back patio; lapping up cool breeze and my attempts at Spanish tortilla potatas - it looks like such a simple dish of potatoes, egg, olive oil and salt but the whole flipping thing... well lets just say I made a mess you'd be proud of. However it tasted glorious along with tomato salsa and field mushrooms fried in pepper and parsley.

I've always liked the tradition of avoiding eating flesh on Good Friday because it forces you to indulge in other wonderful things - tonight I've got silken tofu and quinces to work with; I'm thinking a warm miso soup then baked quinces with yogurt.

Ah, did I mention that I'm on a little easter break from uni and work for a week? And that I'm going to spend it doing lots of walks, reading (and catch up for uni), cooking and crafting things like finally finishing my crocheted throw...

And Good Friday wouldn't be Good Friday without some Hot Cross Buns - so Mad and I decided to make our own:


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