23 Mar 2008


Oh Belgium,
Oh great land of chocolate, beer and bicycles!And whacky specialty shops that appeal only to me;

You country of beautiful riverscaped towns;Of waffles, meatballs, tintin and glorious gothic buildings;

Your cobbled streets,
And places of quiet reflection;Ah, Belgium, I look back at you and smile.


  1. you have quite an eye for photography, those two photos for "quiet contemplation" are quite stunning.

    it was such a beautiful time

  2. Hi Emily!

    I really love the way you narrate your photos. I could stare at them all day and wish I was there. You are seeing so much beauty. I'm totally jealous! =)

  3. This picture really stands out. It's simplicity is beautiful. Just as one of your commentators wrote (allison fouse) you really do know how to narrate your photos.


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